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Remote Data Vault - Why Backup?

Remote Data Vault - Why Backup

The Numbers Don’t Lie!
Research has shown that 50% of companies that experience data loss never re-open and 90% are out of business within two years. On average, 20MB of lost accounting data takes 21 days to reproduce and costs $19,000.

The major causes of data loss are:

  • Hardware Failure - 42%
  • Human Error - 30%
  • Software Corruption - 13%
  • Computer Viruses - 7%
  • Theft -5%

Let Remote Data Vault Protect & Secure Your Data
Online backup services provide the software application, server space and customer service in a simple turnkey solution, with no additional software applications or equipment specifications to learn or purchase.

The installation and set-up is quick simple and painless. Your backups can be scheduled to run automatically, at any specific time and as often as you desire. Best of all, there are no media, tapes, disks or hardware to deal with.

Believe it or not, online backups are generally more secure than in-house backup solutions. If your computers or data are affected by natural disaster, power failure/surges, viruses, vandalism, theft, or human error, your in-house backup will suffer the same consequences.

The downside of tape backups is that they are not usually encrypted, and not very secure. Almost anyone can read them and gain access to your critical business data, customers, sales, prospects, notes, accounts receivable, payroll, HR info, tax filings, and everything else on your computer.

Online backups give you a tremendous bang for your buck. Setting up a traditional data protection plan will require software, hardware, media and a lot of your valuable IT resource time to set-up and protect your data on a daily basis. Online backups make all of these functions easy for a low monthly or annual fee.

In the event that you do need to restore lost data, you can transfer all of it to its original location in a matter of minutes with the click of the mouse. Your data is always available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week , 365 days a year.

When it comes to loss prevention, as the old adage goes: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Knowing that all your business-critical data is safe, secure and immediately available gives you peace of mind that is reason enough to usean online backup solution like Remote Data Vault. Download a free 15-day trial now!

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