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Remote Data Vault - Pricing Plans

Remote Data Vault - Pricing Plans

Remote Data Vault Pricing Plan Packages
Getting started is easy - simply click the try now button for the plan you want, submit your information and download the Remote Data Vault Web-Backup software setup file. You will not be billed until we confirm with you that you want to continue the service after 15 days. Install the Web-Backup Client and select the files that you want to backup either manually or with our automatic selection tool and perform an initial backup. We recommend doing your initial backup overnight as the first backup will take a fairly long time. After the initial backup, the incremental backups should be very quick. For more information see our FAQ page.

Remote Data Vault Pricing Plans include:

  • Multiple Backup Schedules
  • Backup Client and Web File Access
  • Automatic Incremental Scheduled Backups
  • Retrieve data from last 15 Backups
  • Ability to Order CD's/DVD's of Backup
  • FasBIt Technology
  • 448-Bit Blowfish Encryption for Impenetrable Security
  • Free trial for 15 Days
  • Support for SQL and Exchange Backup
  • Local Disaster Recovery Backup Available

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Data Size







100GB - 130GB

130GB - 160GB

160GB - 190GB

190GB - 220GB

220GB - 250GB

250GB - 300GB

300GB - 350GB

350GB - 400GB

400GB - 450GB

450GB - 500GB


Monthly Pricing


















Annual Pricing


















*Pricing is for one Computer, $5/month for each additional computer.

Need More?
Enhance you Backup solution with our Server Imaging Solution for as low as $399.99 (One time Price)

Remote Data Vault is compatible with Windows 2000,XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003/2008/2010. Remote Data Vault Corporation reserves the right to cancel your subscription account at any time. Terms, conditions, pricing, special offers, features and service options subject to change without notice.

All pricing in US$.

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